Eligible Classes

For over 30 years MHRRG has been a leader in the Behavioral Healthcare/Social Services non-profit arena. Below are some examples of the classes of business that are eligible for our comprehensive program.

AIDS / HIV services
Alcohol / drug rehabilitation centers
Associations for the blind
Associations for retarded citizens (ARCs)
Battered person shelters
Behavioral healthcare agencies
Community action agencies
Counseling services
Court restitution programs
Crisis intervention
Developmentally disabled services
Domestic abuse services
Easter Seal centers
Employee assistance programs
Family and children's services
Halfway houses
Headstart programs
Homeless shelters
Information and referral services
Juvenile residential facilities
Marriage and family counseling
Mental health centers
Mental health counseling
Methadone maintenance clinics
Outpatient counseling
Pregnancy counseling
Psychiatric treatment facilities
Residential treatment facilities
Respite care
Sheltered workshops
Shelters for runaways
Social service agencies
Special needs day care centers
Special schools for the disabled
Substance abuse services
Vocational schools
Youth outreach programs

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