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Produced by the Mental Health Risk Retention Group, Inc., the Loss Prevention Series is a proactive program designed to help providers manage risk and improve patient care. The videos and accompanying resource guides are free to MHRRG insureds, and are an excellent source of ongoing training for everyone in the organization -- from the treatment team, to clinical supervisors, to the chief executive officer and board members. Each one-hour DVD features informative and entertaining presentations on key risk management topics by Ronald K. Zimmet, J.D., general counsel for MHRRG.

"We undertook the development of the Loss Prevention Video Program because we equate loss prevention and risk management with good, proactive patient care."

Marilyn R.Udis
Vice President, MHRRG
Negley Associates

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Prevention of Liability for Violent Acts of Patients

Protect your organization from one of the most frequent liability claims against behavioral health providers: violent acts committed by a patient against other patients, care providers and the community. Through charts and checklists, the video highlights key aspects of the treatment process and suggests numerous measures that will help improve patient care and reduce the possibility that claims will be filed against the organization.

Liabilities and Responsibilities of Directors and Officers

Learn how to reduce the possibility that claims will be filed against your organization -- claims such as wrongful discharge, civil rights/discrimination, and sexual harassment that can wipe out your reputation and destroy your ability to serve those most in need. This video presents ways to determine how diligent your board is, how you can help each board member and director do the best job possible in avoiding unnecessary risk, and how to structure a board so that it best serves the needs of your organization.

Avoid Liability for Wrongful Termination

Find out how to protect yourself, your staff and your organization with the latest addition to the Loss Prevention Video series. This video provides a comprehensive overview of the issues you need to know about when hiring and terminating staff. It is a vital resource for anyone working in human resources as well as for all employees who perform supervisory functions.

Criminal and Civil Liability for Sexual Misconduct in Mental Health Entities

Gain a detailed explanation of individual and employer liability for sexual misconduct, a definition of terms and situations according to case law, and the likely consequences for conviction. You'll learn how to recognize and avoid possible compromising situations, and what to do when a client or employee complaint is received. The video also suggests specific measures for hiring, retention, supervision, and training which can help providers avoid liability for allegations that -- whether true or false -- can be extremely damaging to the reputations of clinicians and employers.

Avoiding Medication Errors

An important part of avoiding liability for medication errors is to train all staff that has direct contact with patients to monitor both patients and their charts. Employees who deal directly with patients can monitor patients for adverse reactions, review charts to be sure that required tests and follow up have occurred and can help educate patients about their medication. We recommend that as part of a mandatory training course, this video be made available to all staff that has direct patient contact.

Comprehensive Decision Making: Treatment and Interventions for High Risk Mental Health Patients

Increase quality care and reduce the risk of lawsuits with comprehensive decision-making about treatment and interventions for high-risk mental health patients. A substantial number of professional liability claims made against community mental-health centers arise out of either a suicide or a violent act occurring soon after a mental health risk assessment. It is the goal of this DVD to assist mental health professionals responsible for risk assessments and treatment in making decisions about interventions and the type of treatment appropriate to the individual.

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